No. I am not talking about the BP oil disaster, although I consider every day that temporary cap holds a good day. Nope, that is not at all what I am talking about.

I am referring to the spectacular miracle that my mammary glands seem to be performing at 21 weeks pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong, I am excited to nurse my daughter and I am well aware of the health benefits of breast feeding, but I wouldn’t mind it if the milk (or more accurarately, that nutrient stuff called colostrum) stayed put until the baby came. I have very imporant things to do, like continue to figure out if it is possible to mount a crib on my bedroom wall as a space saving technique and trying to figure out a way to multiply my small savings times a billion to pay for college. College for my daughter, not for me. Although not a day goes by that I don’t try and think of some way to return back to the South Hill of Ithaca, New York.

Anyway, added to my list this weekend was finding these things called lily pads, that my sister used during her pregnancy and beyond with my adorable nephew Tre. They sort of act like the temporary cap that BP is using right now and prevent any major disasters. Just in case you need to find them, they are at Burlington Coat Factory website. They are really cool, silicone things that cover the danger zone and you can’t see them through your bra or shirt…which is really the goal here…to continue to look and act like everything this normal.

If only that was the only issue I faced this weekend, I suppose I would consider myself lucky. But not so fast. As I was running errands in the pouring rain yesterday, realizing that when I have a baby errand running in Manhattan will be most likely saved for days without precipitation, I realized I had to pee. Which is nothing new, especially with the amount of water I had been drinking. Actually this is nothing new, period. Ask anyone that has taken me on a road trip…bathroom trips are frequent and not optional. Anyway, on this walking trip, I was a half a block away from my office and I considered ducking in there to use the bathroom. Then I caught a glimpse of my apparence in a white tank top and mesh shorts and recalled my lack of desire to see a fairly substantial list of people inside said office on a Sunday, and I kept on walking.

Then I sneezed.

I need not go on. Let’s just say god intervened and reminded me that going into the office isn’t really a terrible option when I look at the other possibilities.

The only photo I find appropriate here is an adorable one of my nephew Tre after sharing my candy apple with me. I see it as a reminder that this is all worth it, even if every man reading this just threw up in their mouths a little.

(Adge and TJ, I hope you don’t mind me using your son as they symbol of cute…but there really isn’t a better reminder that this is all worth it.)