Hello Ducky Fans!!!

Sorry for the brief post. Very busy day with very important meetings. Or meetings that other people have told me are important. I can’t really tell the difference. So here are the “headlines” from the 20 week ultra sound, as we say in the spectacular business of television news. Emphasis on the SPECTACULAR.
Weight: 13 oz.
Length: anybody’s guess – she wouldn’t stop moving

The ultra sound tech was very kind and very patient and took a long time to take some wonderful photos of Ducky’s face. I told her I was concerned that she had a big nose and she told me I was not correct. She was bent in half for most of it (she being the baby, not the technician – that would have been weird), which is why you see a hand and a foot in the same shot. She was also doing flips. And was apparently practicing her Tae Kwon Do just like her Auntie Adriane, Auntie Mallory, Auntie Jackie and Grandpa Larry used to practice. Only they practiced in a martial arts studio, not in my uterus.

There still seems to be a discrepancy in my due date depending on which chart they use, either Dec 6th or Dec. 8th. Something about the way you spin the wheel on the chart or whatever, and I think the moon has something to do with it according to my sister. But like the technician said, the baby will tell us when she plans on coming. And I will promise you this. Whenever that is, my bosses will act like it is a complete and total surprise. At least there are some things I can count on in this world.

Love you all.