Life, a Rogue Wave, and the GPS.

So this post has nothing to do with pregnancy, however I figured you all could benefit from knowing some of the things I learned on my recent trip to Baltimore and Delaware. Some of the following facts have the potential to change your life, others will just make it better.

1. Horseradish is an excellent accompaniment to cheddar cheese, especially when used a flavoring device on potato chips.
I discovered these in the little coffee shop near the beach in Dewey Beach, Delaware. I have never seen a thing in this part of the country, so perhaps they are regional, or perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough.

2. When you are traveling in a rental car and you attempt to lower the volume on the radio, and you realize that you can not lower it because the volume nob appears to be broken – DO NOT PANIC.
This occurred on my way home from the beach yesterday and I have to say, I did panic slightly because it was louder than one can tolerate for a 4 hour car trip, but silence is also really not what I was looking for. Thankfully, my mother called to check in our progress home and when I explained the technical difficulty to her and she said, “Hit the dashboard hard, sometimes that will do it.” I repeated it to my travel partner, thinking there is a small chance this will work and wouldn’t you know? We had control of the volume yet again. I was shocked that this had worked and my friend reminded me that Mom’s are always right. Given my current condition, in between my laughter, I agreed wholeheartedly, “YES, YES THEY ARE.”

3. If you think you are sitting too close to the ocean on the beach, YOU ARE.
I have a good example of this for you. I was sitting on the beach in Delaware enjoying the delightfully blue sky and the sound of the large waves crashing as the tide moved in. As I was sitting there, soaking up the sun, it occurred to me that perhaps I was sitting too close too the water. When I turned to my beach buddy and expressed my concern, I was told, “Nah, we are fine.”

And then god reminded me to follow my gut.

How did she do this? By causing a rogue wave to come up and attempt to swallow us, and all of our belongings, up. It was close.  We rescued everything from being dragged into the depths of the ocean, but not before soaking the beach towel we were sitting on and embedding about 20 pounds of sand in it, and disabling my already sad camera. When I tried to blame the person sitting next to me for telling me we had nothing to worry about, I was reminded that I am an adult and was fully capable of getting off my ass and moving to higher ground.

Next time you will find me enjoying the beach from the parking lot.

4. A GPS will take you on a ferry.
I remember a while back a piece we did on the dangers of people blindly following a GPS and doing seemingly foolish things such as driving their vehicle into a body of water. This concept seemed ridiculous to me at the time. Yesterday I realized that this was not ridiculous. When leaving the beach I set the GPS for our New York destination and we were following the directions when it told us to turn left. Into a ferry terminal. When we looked forward on the directions we discovered that this device was telling us to board the ferry. As my friend pointed out…there are a lot of other directions that are missing from this instruction, like purchasing a ticket for the ferry, waiting for the ferry, and such. Additionally, if we programmed in an address in Los Angeles, it wouldn’t tell us to get on a plane. Nonetheless, that thing will take you on a ferry.

5. When entering directions into the GPS, ACCURACY IS KEY.
As we were nearing Manhattan, we noticed the beautiful, welcoming city skyline off in the distance. The only thing about the skyline was that we weren’t exactly getting closer to it, it appeared as if we were driving AROUND it. This IS a thought that occurred to me, but I dismissed it and searched for a better radio station.
When the person driving pointed out that we were headed to our final destination through Brooklyn, I said, “Huh, that should be interesting in rush hour.”
After paying an 8 dollar toll and going over a bridge I don’t recall the name of, my traveling companion asked me what address I put into the GPS. I said, “250 40th street, NY NY.” When I said it out loud, it became very clear that 250 40th Street, NY NY is NOT NOT NOT the same as 250 WEST 40th Street, NY NY. That four letter word WEST is key. Actually, it is the determining factor in deciding whether or not you end up in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

6. Bayonne, NJ is lovely this time of year, and has an unforgettable scent.
We, and by we, I mean my friend, typed in the CORRECT address of our final destination and we were on our way to the city that never sleeps. But not before sitting in some rush hour traffic while waiting to enter the Holland Tunnel.  See pic below.  This is what Manhattan looks like when you are actually entering it, not driving AROUND it.

New York CIty skyline.

Just a recap…Rogue waves are bad, horseradish on chips are good, Moms are always right, and the GPS will lead you places you never thought you wanted to do, without ever pausing to ask you, “Are you sure about that?”