Strollers and Men.

You are probably wondering what a stroller and a man have to do with each other.  At first glance, nothing.  But I will tell you, the joy I feel about finally settling on a stroller has brought me more happiness than I think would be brought by finding a husband right now.

In the past couple months I swear the streets have become strollers with a background.  They are all I notice. I pay attention to how easily the person is pushing them with one hand, how the baby’s neck is while resting in the item, and if there is a coffee holder.  And I am pretty sure I have discussed the world of strollers with my sister more than I ever talked about any man.  I even went as far as to take my stroller of choice for a pretend “test-jog” around the Babies R Us in Union Square.

Reading most of this you will probably agree that I set my standard for a stroller higher than I did for most of the men that I have dated.  Actually, scratch that.  I am pretty sure ALL of you will agree that I put more thought into which stroller I should get than I did any of the men I have dated.

And here it is.  The BOB SINGLE 12″ AW Stroller

According to the reviews this stroller is reliable, easily adaptable to various settings and is very durable.  I can only hope that I can get the same thing from a member of the opposite sex one day.