Then and Now.

(about 3 weeks pregnant…)

(23 weeks and 5 days pregnant)

What a difference five months and about 14 pounds can make.

I was in denial about how forgiving my regular clothing would be, and for a few short weeks, I thought that I could simply buy a size larger, and larger and larger.  Um, not so much.  The only thing that is really getting bigger is my waist.  So buying a size ten pants makes me look like frumpy and unkempt at best, just plain old fat and ugly at worst.  Wearing my old clothes and making homemade alterations with hair elastics meant that laughing, sneezing or bending over could cause a terrible wardrobe malfunction.

And then this weekend, the waistbands parted and I was given two large bags of maternity clothes without even asking.  One from a high school friend that has been an enormous source of support, and the other from a friend of a friend who saw me a couple months ago and offered the clothes she used during her pregnancy.  (Both happen to always look super cute, so I feel like I hit the lottery.)  I can not explain to you the sense of relief I feel and how grateful I am for the generosity and consideration.  I am starting to realize there is some sort of underground network of moms…they all watch out for each other and see a woman in denial of her bulging waistline and come to the rescue.

So today I am wearing all maternity clothes and I feel like I can breath.  Like a good friend told me a few weeks ago, at a certain point you will just admit defeat and stop trying to keep it all in.  Today is that day.