True Confessions.

I really enjoyed the movie “Knocked Up” before I got pregnant, but since finding out I am with child, every time that movie is on E!, I feel like god is speaking to me through my 32-inch flat screen television.  That may or may not be the case, but last night I caught the beginning of the movie and I was laughing out loud alone in my apartment.  Side note, I have noticed when I am flipping through the channels when company is present and I come across this movie, there is reluctance to watch it.  I think the other parties might feel that it will push me over the edge.  Exactly the opposite is true.
There are three parts, make that four parts, in the movie that I particularly enjoyed last night.

1. When she is with her sister and she tells her that she is pregnant and then they go running through the aisles of a drug store buying every pregnancy test imaginable.  Now, my sister was not with me in the store, she was with me on the phone.  But if I recall correctly, I bought 6.  And took 5 of them.  And they all came back positive, clearly.  I remember when I called the doctor to tell them I was pregnant and I said, “Well I took five pregnancy tests and they all came back positive, so…”  And she laughed and said, “FIVE? Ok, you can stop taking them now.  You are pregnant.  Those tests are very accurate.”

2. In the movie, after Allison tells the father of her child that she is pregnant, she goes to his apartment and meets his friends.  One of the friends comes up to her and stands a little too close and says something like, “You look really nice.  The pregnancy suits you well.  And I see the milk is coming in already.” (she is only 8 weeks pregnant at this point).
I think this scene in the movie was meant to represent all of the stupid shit, (sorry mom) that people say to you when you are pregnant.  In my version of the movie I call life, some coworker came up to me, while I was sitting in the control room and said, “You like like you are getting a little chunky.”  This person is fully aware of the fact that I am almost six months pregnant.  Without hesitation I said, “So do you.”  He walked away, I know you might find this surprising, but he hasn’t said a word to me since.

3.  I thoroughly enjoyed the part where Allison is trying on clothes with the wardrobe person at work and is called out on the fact that she is pregnant.  It is clear she plans on not addressing this with her bosses until absolutely nessesary.

I must admit, I really thought long and hard about this approach.  In hindsight, I think it might have been a lot more entertaining and perhaps had a more productive outcome in my situation.  But sadly, I could only enjoy this in the movie.  I came clean to my bosses at 13 weeks pregnant.  Let me tell you, some medical exams I have had during this pregnancy are more enjoyable than that moment.  I really didn’t know the meaning of the word awkward until I had to walk into an office with my two bosses, who thought I was quitting as I closed the door.  No, no.  “I am pregnant,” I said.

SILENCE.  Really loud silence.

Then a “congratulations” followed by another long silence.  When I explained the circumstances of this pregnancy, the follow-up question wins the prize for MOST entertaining question asked, “Um, does anyone here know this person?”
My response was, “No,” followed by their sigh of relief.

4. I simply love the conversation Ben (the baby’s father) has with his own father, and he explains this wasn’t in his plans.  Ben’s father says, “Life doesn’t care about your vision. You just gotta roll with it.”

Btw…I was overcome by cuteness when I saw this on the street.

I love NY! Even if I am tiny.