Nope…That’s A Butt.

So I felt I needed to update you all on the latest news on our little mascot.

A) I slipped and fell like a fool on my way into work this morning…don’t worry, the baby and I are fine.  My back is just a little sore and my doctor’s office wanted me to go get checked out.  Which I did.
I was hooked up to the monitor and she had the hiccups, but other than that, she was not impacted by my fall at all.

B) I’m huge.  Every morning I wake up and say, surely there is no way that this child can get any larger.  We have now reached the stage where there are bumps and bulges in my stomach from her various parts.

C) And speaking of those parts, our little friend is breech.

Now please note I am not surprised one bit.  I have said this from day one.  And there were people that told me that the baby isn’t breech, and I needed to stop worrying about so many things.  However, I wasn’t worrying I was feeling her kick down and step on my bladder.

I now know what it feels like to be a man with a prostate problem.

During my check-up today, the doctor actually felt her little boney butt…it is crammed where her head should be.

She said: “Wow…this can not be comfortable for you.  That has to be why you feel so much back pain and pressure.”

My response: “Yes. That would all be accurate.

Doctor: “We have to find a way to get her to flip or things are going to get even more uncomfortable for you.”

Me: “Right.  But I am just going to guess that if this kid has been this way since day one, and she is now stuck in my pelvis, she is going to need some real motivation to flip all the way around.”

Doctor: “Yea…let’s take a look with the ultrasound.”

D) So we took a peak with the ultrasound and discovered ducky is in what they call the “Frank Breech” position.

Now, you tell me how a little being without most of their motor skills would turn over from this position.  I just don’t see it happening regardless of how amazing the human body is.

E) According to the measurements she weighs 4lbs 9oz.  That means with at least six weeks to go, those of you hoping for a fat baby look to be in luck.  I think the baby gains a half a pound to a pound a week from here on out.

F) And here was the most unbelievable discovery…she has hair already.  AND it was standing straight up…so we could see it in the ultrasound.  She looked like Bart Simpson.  Oh and she kept opening and closing her mouth like she was having a conversation.

After the ultrasound the doctor told me I have to get her to flip and suggested I go to a pool and do flips to dislodge her or to stand on my head.

I said, “Um,  I’m here today because I slipped and fell while standing on my two feet, I am not sure I should try standing on my head.”

She thought for a moment and said, “Yea, maybe you should just try to find a pool.”

So that is the update folks…oh and before I go I need to show you the great photographic work of my friend and coworker, Yoni,

He and his wife started Studio 21 Productions and they take great pics.  (check out their website at )

I am waiting for the whole bunch, but this is my favorite so far…