The Final Countdown…

Alrighty folks…we have a date…our little Ducky is scheduled to arrive by c-section at 4pm on Friday, December 3rd.

She won’t flip…and at this point, I am pretty sure it is biologically impossible for her to do so.  Her big head is digging into my left rib…when it’s not protruding from my stomach.

And her hands and feet are balled up by her face.  Still frank breech.  Still an unlikely candidate for a successful version (when the doctor flips her manually by pushing on my stomach).

I am not thrilled about the c-section…it wasn’t what I had planned.  But that seems to be the theme of this pregnancy so here we are.

Of course I could go before December 3rd.  Of course I am praying I go before December 3rd.  Why you ask?


1. The end of pregnancy is less than glamorous.

See photo below.

This is my foot after I got home from work.  I had to leave a little early so I could elevate my feet because I was actually watching them swell over my Birkenstocks.  It is physically impossible for me to elevate my feet in my “workspace” at the office while typing on the computer.
If you look on the left side of my foot you will see the lovely indentation left on my foot when I removed my footwear.

2. The nesting portion of this program is over.

My very kind and loving parents came over to help me put the crib together, to install an awesome fold down desk in my living room (handmade by my sister and my dad), to organize the baby clothes, to take my post-pregnancy clothes home so I have something to wear on leave, to clean my bath tub, floors, entire kitchen, change my sheets, calk my bathtub and dust the ceiling fans.  Somewhere in this nesting (or should I say somewhere in watching my parents nest) I got a bad headache and sat down in the very comfortable rocker and fell sound asleep.  I was snoring.  My parents kept plugging away and I took a great nap.

I no longer feel the urge to nest.

I feel the urge to not be pregnant anymore.

3.  Mommy has new hair and baby has new jeans.

I have planned on cutting and donating my hair for months and I finally did it.

See photo below.

You might notice I am holding a tiny pair of bootcut jeans.

Last week I was laying in bed, too uncomfortable to sleep and a very concerning thought entered my head…THE BABY DOESNT HAVE ANY JEANS TO WEAR WHEN SHE IS BORN!!!  WHAT IS SHE GOING TO WEAR OUT?!?!?!?

I am not kidding.  That is exactly the way the thoughts went.  So before heading off to cut my hair, I made sure I had time to stop into Baby Gap, which is where I purchased these (with one of the generous Baby Gap gift cards given to me).

As I told the sales associate, I was really hoping for bell bottoms, but the boot cut pair will do.

I also purchased a little flowy tunic and a navy cardigan.

When I displayed the baby’s “going out” outfit to my friends on Friday night they pointed out that I purchased a mini-me outfit.

Exactly.  All she needs is a gauzy scarf and a wrap bracelet and the girl is set.

Although something tells me if she can’t have blankets in her crib until 18 months, she also can’t wear a scarf around her neck.

Now I just need to get her a little red cardigan to wear with her first Christmas Dress that my mom bought her.  Oh, I also need those tiny velcro barrettes too because they told me again at my ultrasound yesterday that her hair is standing up straight.

3. There aren’t enough bathrooms in this city for me to continue being a productive member of society and pregnant at the same time.

Like I said to a good friend of mine…when you start wetting your pants more than once a day…you stop caring about things like how your hair and makeup look.

4.  I have an outfit to take her home in.  The best brother-in-law in the world made sure that Ducky has something beautiful to come home in so he and my sister made a trip into the city weekend to give it to me.
See below.

Not sure what is better…the outfit or the wonderful card he gave me.  Sorry guys…that one stays between us.  But my sister did marry a great man.

Don’t worry…I know it is going to be cold so she just can’t wear that cute little number…my sister Jackie gave her a beautiful white faux fur pooh sack to come home in.

Sorry no pic available…my mom has that in her bag.

5.  After much thought and consideration, I FINALLY chose a camera, and I have charged the batteries and it is in “the bag.”  Thank you Auntie Donna.

6.  I just can’t wait to kiss the top her little head.  When my nephew was a newborn, my sister could always tell if I had been holding him because the top of his head was greasy from my constant kisses.

Now I will have a little one to kiss all day long.

7.  Christmas is my favorite season ever and I can’t wait to spend it with my new family.

8. See below.

A picture is really worth a thousand words.

So December 3rd…or sooner…here we come.
Btw…for those of you interested…my sister’s roommate, Jess will be handling press for the event.  I love all the love and want to keep you guys updated but if any of you have ever seen me after taking a percoset, you will understand why I have asked someone else to be in charge of electronic communication.  And thanks to lovely trip numero uno to the hospital, I know it is hard to blackberry and text with an IV in your arm.

Oh and I don’t know if I will be able to stop kissing her long enough to send a coherent message.

So keep an eye out for an email from Jessica Rans.

Love you all.