Well That Was…Amazing.

Okay, I have soooo much to update you on, so I am going to get right to it.  The overused word of this post of is – AMAZING…so brace yourselves.

1. The reading at the Museum of Motherhood was – yep – you guessed it – amazing!  A bit bohemian in nature (read – I felt like I was back in my utopian city of Ithaca, NY).

I was asked to open to the readings and I think I held it together quite well.  And the reason I held it together so well is because my amazing family and friends came from near and far to hear me speak.

Which is odd because many of those people have asked me to shut up somewhere along the way.

Anyway, in all seriousness, the modest museum had to get more chairs out to make room for my peops.  Like I said humbly to the curator who seemed genuinely shocked by the turnout, “I role with a big crowd.”

So to the members of that crowd, and those that wished they were there – thank you from the bottom of my very big heart.

And for those of you that missed it, I read my DEAR ELLIE blog post amended the last sentence.

Click here to read the additional sentence.

If you can’t be bothered, I will cut to the chase and just tell you I added a final note to the best kid ever which is, “And finally Ellie, one more thing – always remember this – the dumbest thing anyone can ever do is underestimate you.”

2. The apartment that I cried over because of the lack of a dishwasher is going to have a dishwasher!  The landlord agreed to PUT IN A DISHWASHER FOR ME…for a small fee of course.  So Ellie and I are moving this weekend – aaaaaalllll the way up to the family friendly area of Washington Heights.

I love the to-be-installed dishwasher so much that I tried to figure out if there is anyway to have the best appliance in the world bathe my daughter.  (I actually said that to the landlord’s broker and she looked slightly horrified – still cashed my fat check for her fee – but looked horrified nonetheless)

3. So after signing a new lease AND doing a doing a lovely reading at what I have now come to call my “single mom coming out party”, I brought Ellie to Connecticut to meet up with the best parents in the world (those would be MY PARENTS), I packed up a carry-on suitcase and one personal item and I made my way to the airport so I could make my way to Denver, Colorado to spend an evening with a great friend, her husband and her new son – before heading over to Colorado Springs for an amazing wedding of another friend.

But before doing that – I had to board a plane.

Which I typically hate for a number of reasons – the least of which being I am sort of afraid of dying in a plane crash.

Okay, since I had Ellie I have become really afraid of dying.

But don’t worry.  That fear was elbowed out of the way by the most bizarre conversation I have had in a really long time.  (And anyone that is remotely aware of the conversations I have had as of late knows – that is saying something).

So as I board the plane, the flight attendant takes my entire boarding pass, and my gut told me I should have followed the instructions on the boarding pass and kept the duplicate portion for myself.

But I didn’t.

And as I was waiting to actually get on the plane…a wait made much longer by the need to gate check everyone’s bag because of that whole overhead baggage space not even coming close to the demand forced by the checked baggage fees…I turned to my friend and said, “Do you know where we are sitting?”  She didn’t. So I looked up my travel confirmation on my phone.

And it said I was sitting in seat 11A.  And my friend, in 11B.

So after gate checking my bag and asking the very un-entertained airline personnel, “You are going to take good care of this right?  It has my dresses in it and I need to wear them…” I got on the plane and made my way passed row 8, passed row 9, passed row 10 to…

Row 13.

Um…no.  You didn’t just misread.

I really can’t make this shit up.

So now, I am stuck trying to turning around and head back to discuss the missing row 11 (and 12 for that matter) with the flight attendants.  AMAZING. No longer afraid of dying, just afraid of being beaten by fellow passengers for trying to go the wrong way during the oh-so-pleasant boarding process.

My friend and I explain the issue to the flight attendants who then go and get the woman that was collecting our boarding passes and the following conversation took place.

Me (to all airline personnel willing to listen): “Um…so I am supposed to be seated in ROW ELEVEN but there doesn’t appear to be row 11, which is weird.”

Flight attendant: “This is a new plane that we just picked up in Mexico.”

Me: “Huh…I am pretty sure Mexicans believe in row eleven…but that is to figure out later – I need a seat.”

Lady that was taking boarding passes: “Let me see your boarding pass.”

Me: “I don’t have it, I gave it to you.”

Lady: “Well once you give it to me, it’s my property.”

Me: “Um…okay…can you refer to it so we can figure out where I am sitting?”

Lady: “Well when you gate checked your bag you said you were sitting in 11A.”

Me: “Yes, because that is what my reservation says. But THERE IS NO ROW 11 on this plane.”

Lady: “Well it’s a new plane from Mexico, and it’s a full flight, so I am not sure what to tell you.”

At this point I instantly understood how people are inexplicably removed from aircraft in handcuffs.

Me: “Well here is the thing, I am on this flight.  I really don’t care where I sit, but I need a seat.”

Flight attendant: “We have an opening in 27A and 29A.”

Me: “Sold.”

Okay, during this conversation my friend interjected as well, but essentially reiterated my sentiment.

And instead of being afraid of dying while the plane was taking off, I kept wondering, “Why the hell isn’t there a row 11 and 12 on this damn plane???”

4. When I landed, I got a text from my broker telling me that someone put an application in to rent my apartment!!!  She sent me an email with all of his financial details relevant to being able to afford the rent and my response was, “Amazing.  Is he single?”

She got a good e-laugh out of that.

Now we just need to pray the co-op board approves him in a timely fashion and we are on our way to avoiding defaulting on my mortgage.

5.  I spent a great night with my friend and her new family, had an amazing Denver dinner (um, hello prosciutto and fig pizza) before hitching a ride with her to Colorado Springs the next morning and…I don’t want to bore you with sleep – yes I said WITH SLEEP, not TO SLEEP… but this is the first time I traveled without Ellie.

I felt guilty leaving her behind.  I felt like a bad mom for thinking, “Wow, I forgot how easy it is to just get up and go and not plan the next 46 steps in advance.” And I…


It was – yep – amazing.

I became so obsessed that when a misunderstanding on my part revealed that I was not to attend the rehearsal dinner…my friend felt really bad…and I said, “Oh no, no no.  Here is what I am going to do.  I am going to have another margarita.  Then I am going to head back to the hotel room.  Then I am going to order room service, and a glass of wine…and then I am going to take a long bubble bath.  AND GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I literally skipped back to my hotel room.  And I was in bed by 9:45pm.

Nothing says party like being asleep before 10pm.

6.  I attended the wedding of a great friend, in one of the most amazing locations ever.

That is Pike’s Peak you see…and this was the sunrise view out of my hotel room window.

The location is called, Garden of the Gods.

And I don’t think I could have found a more fitting title for something.


And this was the view from the reception location. 

The location reaffirmed my belief in something MUCH bigger than me, and the beautiful wedding I was privileged to witness reminded me that, “These things remain – Faith, Hope and Love.

But the greatest of these is Love.”

7. I woke up the morning after the wedding so extremely excited to go back to NYC and see Ellie…and to start packing.

P.S. Thanks to my girls for planning a great trip and allowing me to hit auto-pilot and just tag along for the ride.  I honestly did not do one bit of thinking about where and when I needed to be.

P.P.S.  Thank you to my amazing parents and grandmother that took care of not only Ellie, but my niece and nephew too (my sis and bro-in-law headed out of town for an early b-day weekend as well.)