Here We Are.

Alrighty…here we are in Washington Heights!!!  I know you want to hear about how the hell we got here…not in the ethereal sense, in the actual sense.

We moved during the worst October storm in history – and I don’t think I am exaggerating on that one, given that it took residents of CT almost two weeks to get their power back on.

I would like to tell you all that I was in an amazing mental place, and that I was just thankful that Ellie and I had found a lovely apartment…and I saw the weather as a mere distraction.

HELL NO.  That is not how I operate.

And I will tell you the truth, which is, I threw a mental temper tantrum when I saw this forecast.


I would have blogged about the meltdown I was having, but I could not access my computer in this.

And at some point, when my apartment was in this condition, my father called and gently recommended that I consider pushing my move back, perhaps a day, or maybe even to the following weekend.

“UM…no.  I can’t,” was my response.  “And I still need you to bring in the furniture, so you need to get to my apartment before it starts raining or snowing,” I said, being as reasonable as I could possibly be while running from one shoot to another.

“Okay…we will do what we can,” said my very understanding father, on behalf of both of my parents.

I figured out that my parents sensed I was on the verge of a breakdown when my mother, who REALLY should have been a meteorologist due to her focus on the weather, didn’t really push the pushing the move topic.

She did send me a text saying, “THEY ARE PREDICTING 6 – 12 INCHES OF SNOW, DOWN TREES AND WINDS OF 60 MPH!!!”


I wasn’t budging.  Once I was packed, there was no turning back.  Ellie and I needed out.  And I was getting really angry about being a single mom, arranging a move, packing, asking kind friends to help me pack, keeping track of all of the details of renting a new apartment, while trying to rent my old apartment and working full-time without taking a day off.

REALLY ANGRY.  I said some bad things in my head.  And they weren’t about Ellie.  They may have been about someone related to Ellie. And they will stay in my head…it was rough.

During the actual move, I had planned to send Ellie up to the new place with the nanny, so she could get out of the way of the movers.  It really wasn’t safe for her to be anywhere near those boxes, and restraining her is tough.

As I was getting Ellie dressed and trying desperately to finish packing before the movers arrived, I started to wonder what the hell the nanny was going to do with Ellie for 4 hours until we got there, and how the nanny was going to take Ellie AND the pack-n-play up to the apartment in a cab, without any help.

I started to panic.

And then the phone rang.

It was a very close friend, who manages an extremely busy life of her own, offering to have Ellie and the nanny come hang out at her place while we loaded the moving truck.

“And Harrison will be up from his nap in about an hour, so Ellie can sleep in his crib,” she said.

All I could muster was, “Yes, thank you.”

I still don’t have words to describe how I feel when I am totally at the breaking point, and Ellie and I get exactly what we need.  It sort of takes my breath away.

The nanny arrived, I handed Ellie to her, along with a wealth of snacks and diapers, and bottles and sent them on their way.

My parents arrived.  My mom wondered out loud how I have accumulated so much stuff.  The same thing she wonders every time I moved.

I have moved a lot.

The movers arrived.  I wanted to hug and kiss every single one of them  (there were four) as they moved everything we own, out of my tiny apartment.

By the time we arrived in Washington Heights…this was what it looked like…

At this point I stopped feeling like god hated me, and the weather actually became a mere distraction.

Better late than never.

We unloaded.  Ellie arrived, my parents helped me unpack, helped me unpack some more, and helped me not become completely overwhelmed with the idea of organizing a new place, after 10 days of packing up an old one – alone.

When I reached my limit of unpacking, we ordered takeout, and drank boxed wine out of coffee mugs and I honestly wanted to cry.

Ellie and I now have an apartment that is large enough for both of us, and I can comfortably sleep on the couch in the living room while my parents sleep in my bed.

It is quiet.  Not that the noise ever bothered me.  But poor little Ellie slept right next to the window from the day we arrived in NYC…and she was up so often during the night.

Our first night here, she slept straight through to 645am.  When she woke up, I was so disoriented because I slept better than I had in months.  

And here were are.

MY BEDROOM (No Mom, I did not make my bed for this photo shoot – or before I left the apartment this morning.)

KITCHEN – okay, so maybe the shelves in the fridge and the freezer are held together with pencils (nope, not kidding) But it’s cute, right?


ELLIE’S ROOM (she is sleeping right now, so I snapped a quick pic…sorry the angle isn’t great)

Lovely, right?

You may notice that we are lacking in the interior design department.  Apparently, the same furniture that filled up my one bedroom place, doesn’t fill up this two bedroom place.

I called my very talented sister, who helps design sets for oh…award shows and network television shows.

Me: “Hey, so, I need help decorating my place. I don’t want it to look just thrown together…ya know?”

Sister: “Yea…I get it.  What is your budget?”

Me: “Um. Zero.”

Sister: “No seriously, like how much can you spend.”

Me: “No. Seriously. Zero dollars and zero cents.  I cancelled my cable.  I have no money.”

Sister: “Okay…”

Me: “Well Mommy is buying me a couch for Christmas.  I want a hot pink one.  She said no.  So I found these two different room designs on that inspired me and I need help picking them and making them happen.  One is a bunch of pinks and browns and the other is beige and blues.”

Sister: “Well that is a good start.  Picking a color palette.  You might want to find a piece of artwork you like and base the room around that.”

Me: “Yea, I have no money to buy artwork.”

Sister: “Maybe you should look at magazines for ideas, and go to stores that have room designs…or maybe you should look in those free design magazines that they have outside the subway stations…”

So I hope you are all standing by, waiting with baited breath to see how I decorate. Using a budget of nothing and free magazines I get outside of the subway.

Honestly, the budget of zero dollars and zero cents doesn’t bother me now that Ellie can move around freely.

Oh and the best part…my neighbor knocked on my door the other night to introduce herself and she brought her three-year-old daughter AND A CAKE!!!!!!!!


Yep…It’s like I moved to the suburbs.  And Ellie is already making friends.  She waves at the three-year-old every time we see her in the elevator.