Love Is…


Yes friends, that would be Toys R Us, in Times Square, five days before Christmas.

I had to do it.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted to get Ellie a toy to unwrap and play with on Christmas morning.  You all remember that feeling, right?  You couldn’t wait to get the batteries in, turn thing on, and piss off your parents.

I want Ellie to have the chance to do the same thing.  So I headed in.  And I braced myself.

Good thing, because this was a test of will if there ever was one.

And for some unknown reason – NOTHING in that store has an obvious price tag on it, so you have to scan it to see if it costs a full week of subway rides, or just half a week.

But as I came upon the scanner, this is what I encountered.


People were apparently scanning their toys and if they weren’t interested, tossing them on the floor.  Like good little Santa’s helpers.

Okay, so I was torn between two toys, and the price point was about the same.  I could not decide.  I was being pushed and shoved in the aisles that were more crowded than the streets in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

When I am put under stress of this nature I become quite indecisive.  So I did what any logical person would do.  I called my sister.

“Adriane, I need you to help me.  I am in the Toys R Us in Times Square because, clearly, I have lost my mind, and I have two choices.  A little baby doll and a stroller that Ellie can push around OR a little car set made for toddlers, and she puts it on this track and it swirls around and comes out the other side.  Decide for me.  Please.”

“The car set.”

“Okay.  But it’s a boys toy.  I can’t find it in girl colors.”

“That’s okay.  Boy toys are good for Ellie.  She will appreciate it.”

“Right.  We are trying to raise the kids gender neutral.  Good.”

I waited in line for 25 minutes, and I started to laugh.

How great is my life?

I am stressing about which toy to get my one-year-old.  The one-year-old that now hugs and kisses me when I walk in the door from work.

I have all of my limbs, so does Ellie.  I am healthy, so is Ellie. I have managed to keep a roof over our heads, and to hold on to my job during one of the most difficult economic recessions in history. I have not one, but three sisters to call to discuss a long list of mundane important details with.  Two parents that are trying to get Ellie to come home yesterday.  Friends that are actually booking dates in January to spend time with Ellie. Okay, so maybe I have some major life stresses, but all-in-all, we are pretty damn blessed.

Like I said when I got pregnant.  There are so many people doing a lot more with a lot less.

What’s a little pushing and shoving in an overcrowded toy store at the cross roads of the world five days before Christmas?


Hope all of them are as lucky as we are.