It’s Getting Hot in Here

Um…so I think I may have over-done the emphasis on how dangerous hot things can be to my darling daughter.

Okay, I am positive I scared Ellie about anything that is, can be, or has been hot.

It all started when I was roasting some broccoli in the oven, and Ellie toddled into the kitchen and was about to use the oven door to balance herself.

“Ellie, no, that is hot.  HOOOOOOOOOOOOT.  hhhhhhhhhoooootttt. Don’t touch.”

And she repeated, “Hot,” and shook her head no, and waved her hand at it to acknowledge its danger.

After the food came out of the oven, I put it on a plate, and I started to blow on it, and I said, “Ellie, you have to wait ’till it cools, it’s hot.”

And she repeated, “HOT.”

Well somewhere in there, Ellie began to associate anything that is remotely hot, or even lukewarm – as dangerous.

And soon after that ALL food became hot.  Every single food item is hot.  I get a piece of cheese out of the fridge and Ellie tells me it’s hot.

I say, “Ellie, that cheese is cold.  COLD.”

And she waves her hand at me and tells me it’s, “HOT.”

I get a pan out of the linen closet – yes, I keep my pans in the linen closet, it’s New York and I sacrificed kitchen cabinet space for a second bedroom – anyway, I get a pan out of the closet and Ellie starts warning me that it’s hot.

Tonight I actually started whining at her, “Ellieeeeeee…it’s not hot yet.  It will be hot.  But it’s not hot right now.  Mommy is not hurting herself.”

And she just kept shaking her head no, repeating, “Hot, Hot, Hot” while waving her hands and following me into the kitchen.


If Ellie’s food was anything warmer than room temperature, she spits it out and tell us it was hot until I convinced her it was okay to eat.

The only person driven more insane by the hot obsession is my sister Adriane and she is honestly the most patient person I have ever met.  Even she broke down when I was home for Christmas and said, “Ellie, stop being such a headcase.  Nothing is hot right now.”

And for a crazy moment I told myself that the bright side of this is, that Ellie obviously is going to heed every warning I give and never do anything I disapprove of.

And now I am the headcase.

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And so it is.



(Above you will see Ellie eating her pear sticks and PB&J moments after telling me it was hot)