Some Friends are Good…

And others are the best.

Today I got an email from a close friend that I have known for almost a decade (friend, can you believe we are that old?)…


And in the body it read…

And prior to this I received an excellent card from another amazing friend.
The front read:

Card Printed By: Sapling Press in Cahoots with

And the note inside read:
And on Saturday I received an email from a close friend.
       We are watching football in a pub near me.  Would love to see your face.  And a baby in a bar.  I know it’s a hike though.  If you are otherwise engaged, let’s make plans soon.  I need to squeeze Ellie.  In a nice way 🙂
And I think back to when I was pregnant and I was seriously concerned that not only would I not see my friends, but that I wouldn’t have any…I remember someone telling me that “No matter what my friends and family tell me, no one would want to be burdened with a single mom and her baby.”
And this evening, two close friends came all the way up to my apartment to visit, even though it is 19 degrees out – without the wind chill – and proved that silly person wrong….yet again.
We ordered takeout Chinese food and they sat on the floor and played with Ellie because I still don’t have enough seating for multiple adults…and I think Ellie prefers that I keep it this way.
And as if that wasn’t kind enough…my friends passed the ultimate test of friendship after I finally put a fussy Ellie to bed, peed and tiptoed out of the bathroom and whispered, “I know it sounds gross, but I don’t want the sound of the flushing toilet to wake her up, so I am just not going to flush it right now.”
And they smiled and said, “No problem.”
***FOOTNOTE*** It must be mentioned, while I blog this blog, my mom is looking online for the perfect bookshelf for my living room.  My family is pretty awesome too.  And NO ONE CAN FIND A DEAL LIKE MY MOTHER.
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