The Story of the Fish (Plural)

I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but my sister Adriane is not only one of the most patient people I know, but also one of the funniest.  Actually, all of my sisters are funny in their own way, but Adriane speaks my kind of funny because we are both moms and were both pregnant at the same time, and we would joke about things like swollen ankles, pinched sciatic nerves, and the fact that breast-feeding totally consumed our lives for months.

So because I am a giving person, I must share one of the recent, funny, conversations I had with my sister.  Henceforth, she will be “A” and I will be “C”

A: So, mommy bought the kids fish.

C: Great. So they can learn how to care for things?

A: Yes.  But I am also worried about when the fish die.

C: Didn’t you just get them?

A: Yes, but the way I see it, there are two schools of parenting.  The first one is that when the fish die, you tell Tré that death is a part of life, and things are born, and things die…

C: Right…in an age-appropriate fashion – good idea…

A: And the other school of parenting is when you find the dead fish, you make your husband run out and get another fish before your son wakes up.

C: Can I please share that on my blog?

A: Sure…I am not kidding.  I don’t want Tré finding that fish dead, so T.J. always has to be up before him.

Days later…

A: So I told T.J. that we can never let Tré get up before us, and we always have to run down the stairs to make sure the fish are still alive.

C: We are still worried about the fish dying?

A: Yes…and T.J. raised an excellent point…fish aside…when is a two-year-old going to come down the stairs by himself before us?

C:  That is a good point.  I am going to go write about this.

A: Okay, do you want a picture of the fish?

C: Yes please.

And this is what my very intelligent sister sent me…

Right.  Worst fish picture ever.

Ummm…not much better.

C: TEXT saying: Those photos are not blog quality.  I need a close-up of the fish.  What are their names?

A: TEXT: Wow.  You are a tough boss.  Do you want me to take them out in the net, and photograph them?

C: TEXT: Noooo!!!


A: Mommy named them Abby and Elmo, but Tré just calls them…Fishes.