I Am Pretty Sure God Knows When Im Going to Lose My Sh*t…

Do you ever have one of those days when you just feel like you are going to lose it?  You know, you feel like you have PMS, but you don’t really have PMS.  Well today, I was having one of those days, preceded by a couple of weeks like that…and here are the top 5 reasons I am positive God picked up on my sh*t losing capability and decided it was time to intervene.


1.  Cutest child ever.  Ellie’s nanny sent me this picture text right around the time I was reaching an 11 on my 1 to 10 scale of annoyance at work. 

Ellie playing dress-up. She now squints her eyes when she poses for a photo.

How could anyone be pissed off after seeing that picture?

2.  After one of my coworkers called and talked me down from the ledge I had climbed up on, my next door neighbor called and told me that her family celebrated their Easter late (because our damn elevator has been broken and her in-laws couldn’t walk up the five flights of stairs), and she wanted to know if she could bring me a plate of food for dinner!!!!!!!!!!  I said, “Um, YES, YES, YOU CAN.”  And 20 minutes later there was an amazing plate of ham, salad and rice, along with stuffed grape leaves and CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING!

3. One of my best friends in the world called to chat for the five free minutes she had this evening and she told me that an iPhone is waiting for her when she gets home!!!  Now, you may be asking yourself why I care about the quality of my peer’s mobile technology.  And I will tell you, it is because of the greatest thing Apple has ever given to me, and that is the gift of FACETIME.  I don’t understand why people are not more excited about this function of the iPhone, because it has changed my life.  No I am not being dramatic…

Dont know if the couch would look good in that corner?  FaceTime with my sister and then my mom, and I get their opinion.  Ellie misses her Mimi and Papa? FaceTime and she gets to see and hear them.  She even tries to share her crackers with my mom on the phone.  And now, if I am having a bad day OR even worse, I don’t know what to wear – I can FaceTime with one of the people that entertains me the most in this world.  Proof: When I am having a bad day and my mom has either run out of cheerful things to say or is simply exhausted by my whining, she will say, “Just go call Shannon.  She will make you feel better.”  And now this person has jumped on the iPhone bandwagon despite her aversion to technology.  

Thank You Jesus.

4. The elevator is now fixed!!!

5.  I got a text from my sister that made me laugh out loud that read, “I just took a spinning class and it reminded me of my favorite memory of Italy.”

What memory you ask?  Oh, well we all went on a 17 miles bike ride through the hills of Tuscany.  Pretty sure I found God in those hills.  Simply beautiful. 

Cara, Adriane and Mallory in Tuscany.

We rode uphill for 8 or so miles, which was so difficult that it was funny.  We stopped to eat, at an olive grove – are a collection of olive trees a grove?  I think it is, anyway…and then we stopped at a winery.

Olive grove in Tuscany

It was amazing.  I bought 6 bottles of wine, put it in my backpack, and then we happily rode downhill.  I was coasting for a while, soaking in the setting sun and the sweet air. 

Beautiful Tuscany.

Only snag in that little excursion was my lack of coordination in the bike riding department. 

My two sisters were ahead of me and they were waiting for me at the bottom of the very big hill…and as I approached the bottom of the hill, I started to slow down, but nooooooot quite enough, and as I approached the group we were with and a pretty sturdy stone wall…I decided I would be cool and hop off the bike before it came to a complete stop.  Only problem is, I didnt accurately grasp how fast I was moving…so I tried to hop off the bike, but had too much momentum, and I kept going, even though my body was sort of off the bike.  You remember that physics lesson – an object in motion will stay in motion…etc, etc…well, I was that object, and I the bike crashed into the stonewall, while almost went over it because me the wine in my backpack kept moving.  

Photo taken BEFORE my accident. No photos after accident.

I got pretty banged up.  Huge bruises all over my stomach and legs.  My sisters, on the other hand, could not stop laughing.  In fact, they laughed so hard that the other NICE people in our bike riding group asked if I was going to be okay, and I happen to think they were slightly disapproving of my sisters laughter at my expense.

To this day, nothing makes my sisters laugh as hard at me as this story – or any reference to the serving size of dessert I take at any family gathering.  Remembering all of this, makes me laugh out loud.

And nothing cures a sh*tty day, like a cute kid, a great meal, a working elevator, your best friend and a great laugh. 

Thank you God for intervening.