I Had a Dream Last Night…

If any of you have been around Ellie lately, you may have picked up on her affinity for El-ro…or as he is more commonly known – Elmo.  I fear, that I may be solely responsible for this obsession because I introduced her to Elmo when she was about 6 months old, after having him on for a segment I was producing.

Look at photos below.  Do you see any signs of pending fixation?




So maybe I only have myself to blame when she asks for Elmo, excuse me, El-ro, 36 times before the sun is even up.  But I feel like her obsession has taken on a new level of ridiculous because it is affecting MY dreams.

Yes.  I had a dream about, Elmo, well more accurately, Kevin Clash, the very talented man that does the voice of Elmo.  In the dream, I was at some sort of party that included a very nice buffet, and Kevin was standing next to me in line.  I re-introduced myself to him, and I thanked him for being so generous with his time when he was on my segment. 

In real life, he spent 2-hours taking pictures and recording videos for members of our staff. I have never ever been around a celebrity that was so accommodating.  And yes, I consider the man behind Elmo to be a huge celebrity. 

But anyway, back to the dream… Kevin tells me how much he enjoyed meeting me last year, and asks if we could grab a drink sometime. 

Now this is where the dream goes from a somewhat normal representation of what could happen in real life, to bizarre.  Not that anyone has asked me to have a drink with them in over two years, but humor me, please.

So Kevin asks me out and I say, “Oh my god, yes, I would love to go out with you.  Actually, can we just get married so that you can wake up with Ellie every morning and do the voice of Elmo to make her happy, so I can get some more sleep?  I haven’t slept past 6am in over 5 years.” (clearly, I was counting my years as a morning tv producer)  He chucks and says, “Ahahaha, why don’t we just start with a date and see where it goes from there…”

And then I wake up to a crying child, at 5:54am.   I actually laughed out loud at the fact that Ellie’s Elmo obsession has infiltrated my dreams.  I let her fuss for ten minutes and then I see she is standing up in her crib, and I realize I am going to lose this battle 0 just like I do every morning.  So I stumble into her room, and what does she say when I finally go and get her out of her crib?


I didn’t even utter a word to her.  I put on the Best of Elmo DVD, and I laid my tired self down on the floor with her, while she sat on my chest, drinking her milk cup, happily bopping to Elmo’s adventures.   After the DVD was over, I said Elmo needed a long nap and promised myself that no matter how many times she asked, she would not watch anymore Elmo DVD’s.  Sesame Street radio station on Pandora?  Fine, but no video for her to zone out to.

She asked for that damn furry red monster at least 65 times today.  And I held firm.  No cell phone with the Elmo app either.  I told myself that this was the only way she would find other things to entertain herself with.  Okay, so maybe she carried her mini Elmo around everywhere she went today, mildly panicking when she could not find him. 

And perhaps this resulted in her insistence that Elmo dine with us this evening.


She’d take a bite, and then gives El-ro a bite.

But here is the best part, after we were done eating, I gave Ellie some strawberries and peaches for dessert and I sprinted into the bathroom to spray down the tub and sink.  While I was in the bathroom, I heard Ellie calling for me, saying, “Mama…happy.  Mama…happy.”

So I walked into the kitchen, she handed me the bowl of fruit, and I said, “Are you done?” and she smiled and said…”Happy.”

And I got her to say it again for you…(click on the link here) Ellie is happy.

And that’s all that really matters – is that she is happy – right? Right? Right.