The Morning Rush

I feel like everything I do since having Ellie requires me to weigh the upside vs downside. And this morning was a perfect example.

Ellie woke up when I got out if the shower by telling, Mahnny – are you? And I quickly threw on my dress and Spanx and went into her room to get her.

“Oooh, mama all clean. Pretty dress” she said while handing me every item in her crib – her travel to the living room must be accompanied by her two blankets, Violet the talking Dog
and Baby.

Then she runs to the other side of the crib in an attempt to prolong this game.

“Okay Ellie – come on. Let’s get out of your crib.”

I reach over and grab her and carry her and her items into the living room. She then asks for Dora the Explorer and I ponder whether the person that ever suggest children under two not watch any television ever tried to get out the door and get to work on time with a toddler on your heels.

I decided against feeding her Dora addiction and told her I needed help with my makeup. So she joins me in the bathroom and while I am applying eye liner I hear her say, “Oooh, all clean.”

I open my eyes to see her unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper. I explained that we needed to keep the toilet paper nice and neat and she looked at me as if to say, “B*tch, what do you want me to do in here then?”

So I handed her my entire makeup bag – minus the items I still needed and she was quiet. But my makeup and some of its contents are now all over the floor.

I heard the nanny unlock the door, Ellie got excited and ran to the door, I quickly rolled the toilet paper back up onto the roll, threw my stuff back in the makeup bag – leaving a mess in the bathroom, made a cup of coffee and ran out the door.
Ellie followed me, gave me kisses through the slats in the staircase and I speed walked to the subway thinking, tomorrow she can watch Dora.