“Is This Getting Easier or Are We Getting Better At This?”

After a less than spectacular week at work, I headed out to my parents house and I sent one of my closest friends a text that said:

Pizza, beach and kids for dinner?

When she responded with a resounding YES, I thought to myself, With four kids under 4, and two adults, pizza, sand and water, this will either be a huge failure or an enormous success. For some reason, I did not feel an outing of this nature could be a moderate success.

My friend was kind and generous enough to arrange for the pizza, and to pack up all of her sand toys and load up the car so when I arrived all we needed to do was load all 4 children into the car and go.

When we showed up to the beach we quickly realized that we were not the only ones with this plan and we had to park across the street from the entrance to the beach.

Thankfully her husband was there to help us get all kids and their stuff to the beach. But he had other plans which meant we would be left to collect all kids and their belongings into the car, that was across the street by ourselves.

But I did not let that reality spoil a good time. We had an absolute blast. Despite the fact that I forgot to bring a bathing suit, a towel or a swim diaper. They ate pizza, even of it had some sand on it – and then they made a beeline for the water. Ellie was in heaven. As was I.




We decided to dry the kids off, and let them enjoy ice cream while we watched the amazing looking blue moon rise over the water.


Despite the fact that a schlep and a load-in of the four very well-behaved kids was pending, I was quite Zen. We decided to divide and conquer. She threw the huge beach bag over one shoulder and the huge bag of toys over the other, put her 2 year old son on her hip and went to get the car, and I sat tight with the 3 additional kids.

After about 10 minutes, i decided to collect the kids and move to the parking lot. It was getting pretty dark and it was bedtime. I grabbed the infant carrier with one have, pizza boxes with the other and told Ellie to hold hands with my friends 4 year old.

We met up, loaded everyone in, and I turned to my friend and said, “Is this getting easier or are we getting better at this?”

I was feeling a bit smug, See, I can do this. WE can do this. WE are amazing.

I had a wonderful nights sleep and this morning I got this text from my friend:

Do u remember taking beach toys back last night?

Um…maybe I shouldnt get ahead of myself.


Also if anyone collected a huge bag of toys from Penfield Beach in Fairfield, CT, please let me know!