Thank God for the Gays!

Yes.  You read me correctly.  My love for the gay community just got a little more intense (as if that is possible).

This past weekend my dear almost two-year-old child exhibited her obsession with family dynamic yet again.

Like my sister said, “Kids get obsessed with all sorts of things, some 3-year-old kid got out of the car at preschool and told his mom is was cool and partly cloudy out…and then there is our lulu-bear (her nickname for Ellie) – so obsessed with all family dynamics and she doesn’t have a conventional family.  You just have to laugh.”

Which I do.  Sometimes.  And then try to answer her questions in the most honest and appropriate way possible.

So anyway, I was at my friends’ apartment with our best friend, and Ellie and she was playing with their adorable French Bulldog (I am pretty sure that type of dog has been established as the gay man’s mascot in NYC, but perhaps I am wrong)…anyway, Ellie loves my friend Anthony and his husband.


There is a part of me that thinks it is largely in part due to the fact that Anthony took such great care of me when I was newly pregnant, and totally losing my marbles.  I sort of camped out on his couch for a few days, and while I tried to put the pieces of my life back together – he made me amazing beef stew and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Ellie felt the love from him immediately, and has had a connection to him from very early on.

Or maybe she is just drawn to him like every other person I know.

Anyway, Ellie was playing with their dog Jolene…and at one point Jolene was wandering around the apartment looking a little lost because she couldn’t find her toy.

Ellie looked at Jolene in the face and then turned to me and said, “Awww…she needs her mommy.”

Ummmmm…she is being raised by two gay men…so this is an interesting assessment of what this dog needs.

So I turned to Anthony and quickly yell-whispered, “Help me out here!  This is a teachable moment.  Please help me teach!”

And without missing a beat, Anthony said, “Well Ellie, Jolene’s mommy loved her so much that she wanted her to have a great family.  So she gave her to me and Uncle Josh…so Jolene has two daddies and we are her family.”
SCOOORRRREEEE!!!!  Yes!!!! DIVERSITY!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!  I have been scouring the playground for non-traditional families, praying for some more teachable moments and there I was finding one in a very nicely decorated apartment with a super cute French Bulldog.  Who would have thought?

And the best part is, all I had to do was second what Anthony said, by saying, “Uh, uh…yep.”  He did all the heavy lifting.

And he drew this great picture for Ellie.  I keep it on our fridge.  As a nice little reminder of what makes a family.

They made it together.