Everything You Need If You Are Having a C-section

So one of my best friends is going to call me any minute so I can give her the play-by-play on what it is like to have a c-section.  I am going to be honest and tell you that this was not my desired method of giving birth, and I shed some tears when we had no choice but to schedule one when my daughter was frank breech and HUGE (9lb 6oz).

I can’t say it was my favorite experience ever…but I survived and also came up with a list of things to share with my friend…and then I figured I would just share it with anyone who else needs it…ah, the beauty of blogging.

Okay…here is what helped me out when I was in the hospital.

1. Lip Balm – this has nothing to do with having a c-section and everything to do with being in a hospital.  The dry air killed me and my lips…so bring some nice lip balm.  This stuff is AWESOME and is actually designed for your aching nipples when you start nursing. Highly recommend: Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm 

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm

2. Hand lotion, again, because I remember the air being so dry.

3. Your own water bottle.  Drinking a lot of water after surgery is a good thing, and breast feeding makes you incredibly thirsty.  There was something unappealing about drinking out of that mini-pitcher in the hospital so I brought my own water bottle and it helped make me happy.

4. Pads.  Ah…remember middle school when you first got your period and it was too awkward to use tampons…go back to that place, and try to recall the pads that you liked the best, and bring a pack with you.  The overnight version with wings.  In the hospital they give you the big pillow type, which make be nice and cushy if your lady parts are recovering from a vaginal birth, but standard overnight pads made me much happier than the hospital ones.  If you are really interested, I liked Always UltraThin Overnight with Wings Unscented  (and don’t go crazy buying like 6 packages…start with one…the post baby bleeding probably wont be as bad as you think it’s going to be)



5. High-waisted underwear.  When I was pregnant, I wore my normal underwear and the waist band just sat under my belly.  Right in the area where the c-section incision ended up being.  I got some great old lady, high waisted underwear in a size larger than I normally wore and they were awesome in their ugliness…so I didn’t feel bad when I tossed them.

6. Folder over yoga pants.  Again…that damn incision is not something you want a waistband pressing up against, so I got these fabulous fold over yoga pants and still wear them…often…and out in public.  Don’t judge.  I love my Old Navy Women Fold Over Jersey Lounge Pants


Women's Fold-Over Jersey Lounge Pants - Heather Charcoal


7. Breastfeeding tank tops (if you plan on nursing.  If you don’t, I do not judge…your boobs – your decision) that you don’t need a separate bra for.  I like these from Target.  I lived in them and then wore them under everything for about 6 months.


8. Belly Binder.  Now it took me a little bit to get tipped off to this gem, but someone sent me a text telling me to make sure I asked my nurse for a belly binder and it helped me sooooooo much.  It braces your stretched out abs, and supports that incision when they force you to get up and walk around.  If you need to buy one…this is a good example, but ask your nurse for one before leaving the hospital.


And if you are apprehensive…just remember…you get this at the end of it all.


…and that makes it all worth it.

And obviously also take everything else were planning on bringing, like the car seat, the Boppy, etc…If I left anything off this list…please put it in the comments section.