Oh Valentine’s Day…How You Slay Me

Okay fine…Valentine’s Day doesn’t really slay me…I mean not in the really bad way.

But it does…sort of…get under my skin a tiny bit. Or a lot.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy being single. If fact, about 80% of the time I am not even aware of the line of dilation between single and not. My issue lies in the fact that the span of time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day magnifies the status of one’s relationship and has the potential to be an emotional minefield for singles.

Don’t believe me?

No problem…just join me for a moment…

So let’s look at Thanksgiving. It kicks off the season of warm and cozy and…obviously, gratitude, where eeeeeeeveryone talks about what they are thankful for. And many times, with good reason, a significant other tops that list. Which is really wonderful. Seriously. I love love. But Thanksgiving also kicks off the season of family and friendly gatherings where kind, well-intentioned, people ask if you will be bringing anyone. To which, if you are me, you respond (in a similar tone and manner to which Miranda responded when her realtor asked her if anyone else was going in on the purchase of her Brooklyn apartment), “Nope…it’s just me.”

Then we move into Christmas, also a spectacular season. Perhaps my my most favorite time of the year, but also sort of highlights the coupledom that exists in the world. The merriment, and the parties, and the “I can’t believe that he/she did that/got that for me for Christmas…”

And theeeeeeeeennnnn we move into New Year’s. You don’t even need me to explain the torment that comes with being single on New Year’s, do you? The focus on the kiss, and the amorous revelry and the…well just everything about New Year’s screams “This is better if you are in love (or at the very least sort of in like) with someone!!!!

And then, phew…you’ve made it…and you have a tiny bit of a break from the focus, whether self-imposed or not, on romantic love.

And then…oh…you all know what comes next…you know…suddenly, without you even realizing it’s happening, red teddy bears holding hearts that say “LOVE” start popping up in your peripheral vision. EV-ER-Y-WHERE. And you find awesome BuzzFeed articles listing witty and pithy Valentine’s Day cards popping up in your Facebook feed and you find yourself wishing you had someone to send a card that says, “You Repulse me the Least” to or even better, one that says, “I’d Shave My Legs For You.”

Awwww…cue the violins.

I mean, if any of the above resonates with you, take solace in the fact that even though you are single, you are not alone. And here is the silver lining (because I can’t bring myself to write a post that doesn’t have some semblance of one)…

After Valentine’ Day…you, my friend, are in the clear. The copious amount of focus on coupling will dissipate and in it’s place will come obsessive focus on the arrival of Spring. And although the warmer weather brings out the friskier side in many, for the most part, you (and I) will be able to coast along without angst.

Until next Thanksgiving.