Rebranding the Single Mom: : Kathy A. Gambrell

Kathy Gambrell shared her path to single motherhood with me, explaining that Sept. 11, 2001 changed her view of how things should be and made her re-prioritize. At age 42, it was no longer about meeting the right person to start a family with, but instead was about starting her own family and having the honor and pleasure of nurturing a life. She became a single mom by choice and never looked back and says it has forced her to challenge herself, be a decision maker, become an advocate and learn the art of time management origami.

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Rebranding the Single Mom℠: Lindsay Curtis

My own mom is one of my role models. When my sister and I were just 6 & 3, our father died, leaving my mom a single mom. She fortunately had family nearby and a wonderful network of loving friends, but she showed me that even in the thickest grief, a mother’s love trumps all. You really can rebuild your life/yourself after devastating loss. She taught me so much about resiliency and love.

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TedX: Rebranding the Single Mom (VIDEO)

I was recently invited to give a TedX talk at Ursuline College. And I said (sort of off the top of my head), “Rebranding the single mom. That is what I am trying to do in a small way, every single day. I don’t think that the reflection of single moms in the media is accurate and I also know that in order to make changes in the external messaging, I needed to change my own internal dialogue.”

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