It’s Just Me.

So I went to for my official tour of the Labor and Delivery floors at the hospital I will be delivering at. (My unofficial tour was my visit a few weeks ago during that little preterm contraction episode, but I only stayed in the triage area so this evening I went for the complete tour.) […]

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Fasting and Feet

Let me start with the fasting.  I want to state that I believe that making a pregnant woman fast is a form of torture.  Torture that is unethical and should be made illegal.  It all started when I was told that I had failed my initial one-hour glucose screening and that I would need to […]

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Strollers and Men.

You are probably wondering what a stroller and a man have to do with each other.  At first glance, nothing.  But I will tell you, the joy I feel about finally settling on a stroller has brought me more happiness than I think would be brought by finding a husband right now. In the past couple months I swear the streets […]

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There is Love.

So before I get to the meat of my post, I want to know, if a person rearranges something in cyberspace is it still considered nesting?  I think it might be. I did some nesting this weekend. 1. See photo of nicely organized tupperware cabinet.  Ask anyone that tried to find a matching top and […]

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