Goodnight Rocking Chair.

That’s it.  The time has come and there is finally a date on the calendar… On Thursday morning, at 7:30am, the rocking chair moves on to its next home.  Yes, I will enjoy the extra space, but more than anything – I will miss that rocking chair holding me while I held Ellie. That piece […]

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Love Is…

THIS. RIGHT HERE.. Yes friends, that would be Toys R Us, in Times Square, five days before Christmas. I had to do it.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted to get Ellie a toy to unwrap and play with on Christmas morning.  You all remember that feeling, right?  You couldn’t wait to get the batteries […]

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Dear Ellie – A Letter to My Daughter About the Love of Her Single Mother

Dear Ellie,
YOU are taking your morning nap right now in our shared bedroom.
I am sitting naked on the couch in the living room, very excited that I had a chance to separate the 36 pounds of accumulated dirty laundry AND straighten my hair.
I’m naked because I just got out of the shower, and I’m no fool – I know that the moment I creep into our room to get some clean clothes, your big eyes will open and naptime will be over.

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No one told me…

HELLO EVERYONE! Here we are in month two.  Before I begin to enlighten you about the things no one told me about motherhood, I should update you on Anabelle’s growth. My sister Adriane sings a song to Ellie that goes something like this… Hello, my name is Ellie, I’m 8 weeks old… I look like […]

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Baby Eve.

Well guys…here we are…the last post before I cross over to the other side…motherhood that is…not the afterlife. On this Baby Eve, I’ve been reflecting on one great cosmic joke that has struck me over the past couple months. And it has to do with SLEEP. In the past month or so, I have not […]

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