What If?…

Lately I’ve been very retrospective…thinking about what would my life be like right now if i wasn’t pregnant.  And a few things are obvious…some are less so…but I will share them all with you. 1.  I would be able to get my boots off without feeling like my ribs are going to break my water. […]

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There is Love.

So before I get to the meat of my post, I want to know, if a person rearranges something in cyberspace is it still considered nesting?  I think it might be. I did some nesting this weekend. 1. See photo of nicely organized tupperware cabinet.  Ask anyone that tried to find a matching top and […]

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It’s a…Girl!

    Hello Everyone! First, I have to start by saying happy birthday to my unbelievably loving mother. Second, I wanted to let you all know that Ducky had a 16 week anatomy scan yesterday and everything looked great. Ducky didn’t stop moving at all…I wonder where that trait comes from. And before you all […]

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