Goodnight Rocking Chair.

That’s it.  The time has come and there is finally a date on the calendar… On Thursday morning, at 7:30am, the rocking chair moves on to its next home.  Yes, I will enjoy the extra space, but more than anything – I will miss that rocking chair holding me while I held Ellie. That piece […]

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Baby Eve.

Well guys…here we are…the last post before I cross over to the other side…motherhood that is…not the afterlife. On this Baby Eve, I’ve been reflecting on one great cosmic joke that has struck me over the past couple months. And it has to do with SLEEP. In the past month or so, I have not […]

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The Final Countdown…

Alrighty folks…we have a date…our little Ducky is scheduled to arrive by c-section at 4pm on Friday, December 3rd. She won’t flip…and at this point, I am pretty sure it is biologically impossible for her to do so.  Her big head is digging into my left rib…when it’s not protruding from my stomach. And her […]

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What If?…

Lately I’ve been very retrospective…thinking about what would my life be like right now if i wasn’t pregnant.  And a few things are obvious…some are less so…but I will share them all with you. 1.  I would be able to get my boots off without feeling like my ribs are going to break my water. […]

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