The Little Spoon

Guest Post By TJ Garvin Every night my daughter asks my wife and I to sing her “our” song.   For my wife that song is short and simple and all about Reagan, a sweet made up song that basically says my daughter is crazy – but in a sweet loving bed time song.  My […]

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Thank God for the Gays!

Yes.  You read me correctly.  My love for the gay community just got a little more intense (as if that is possible). This past weekend my dear almost two-year-old child exhibited her obsession with family dynamic yet again. Like my sister said, “Kids get obsessed with all sorts of things, some 3-year-old kid got out […]

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We Are a Family.

I love the holidays.  LOVE.  I think I became obsessed with them sometime after I left home for college…there is something about that crisp, cold air, contrasted against the warmth of friends and family (combined with copious amounts of food) that just makes my heart sing. Always the producer, I like to plan.  That is […]

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Soundtrack of Self-Doubt

I was out to dinner with a group of friends a few weeks ago, and almost everyone at the table was a parent…which meant – no matter how hard we would try – conversations would ultimately head toward talk of our kids.  One of the moms was talking about milestones and discipline and how when […]

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