Does She Complete Me?

I recently had lunch with a close friend of mine that I worked with very closely up until I was about 6 months pregnant, I then moved over to another department, and now we are once again working closely together on a temporary project. We sat down to lunch after a very hectic morning and […]

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Dear Universe…

So I was giving Ellie a bath tonight and I began to crave cookies.  Then I began to try to figure out how I could manage to get some cookies into my apartment, without taking Ellie out in the rain, after her bath to get some. Please note, I am aware that the attempt to […]

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Goodnight Rocking Chair.

That’s it.  The time has come and there is finally a date on the calendar… On Thursday morning, at 7:30am, the rocking chair moves on to its next home.  Yes, I will enjoy the extra space, but more than anything – I will miss that rocking chair holding me while I held Ellie. That piece […]

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